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3M™ DBI-SALA® Confined Space Solutions in Abbotsford

Confined Space Solutions in Abbotsford

Since confined spaces are one of the most dangerous working environments, common tasks like routine inspections can prove fatal in when proper precautions are not taken before entering the space. No matter what kind of confined space in which you are tasked with working, 3M™ is able to provide trusted confined space safety solutions—from personal protective equipment to davit arm systems—that are uniquely innovated and designed to meet the needs of each worksite.

All of their confined space safety solutions are rigorously tested to ensure that they are the safest, most lightweight and modular designs available for creating versatility and portability while still meeting and exceeding all safety standard requirements. Our selection of vertical entry solutions from 3M™ are the ideal option for workers accessing the top of a tank, an underground utility vault, manhole, shaft, duct, pit, or degreaser, while our horizontal entry solutions from 3M™ are perfect for accessing the side of a boiler, tunnel, duct keel, void space, ballast, or oil tank.

Complete Davit Systems and Winches/ SRL’s

Thanks to its variable offset masts with adjustable heights, davit systems are designed to eliminate the need for custom length masts and mast extensions. They are particularly ideal for use in areas where multiple offset masts would normally be required. Davit systems also come with quick-connect/release pins, making setup, dismantling, and transportation of these systems incredibly fast and easy.

Configurable Davit Systems

Davit arms have a variety of different options available—integrated bases, freestanding bases, permanent bases, counterweighted bases, lower mast extensions, forklift baskets, and accompanying accessories—making it easy to customize the perfect solution for your exact requirements.

Tripod Systems

Specifically designed for emergency rescue applications and confined space entry, the extremely lightweight and portable 3M™ DBI-SALA® tripod system can easily accommodate a range of different fall arrest devices and can be set up by a single worker. 3M™ DBI-SALA® tripod systems are constructed from tubular lightweight aluminum and rugged steel head assemblies and come complete with a variety of features such as spring-loaded locking legs, a simple detent pin style adjustment, safety chains to prevent movement, quick-mount mechanical device brackets, and safety shoes that incorporate a rubber sole for flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery or unstable surfaces.

Portable Fall Arrest Post

Portable fall arrest posts have a telescopic design and three swivelling anchor points, providing up to three workers with 360° protection and mobility on top of vertical platforms, regardless of the type of potential fall hazards present.

Tank Pod System

Tank pod systems provide the perfect fall protection option for areas with low overhead clearance. They are the ideal solution for spaces that are not suitable for a tripod system or davit system.

Side Entry System

Designed for single user confined space entry, retrieval, and rescue operations, side entry systems are particularly ideal for areas that involve horizontal entries with vertical positioning, as well as for performing retrieval operations inside of a confined space. Since this system directly fastens to man-way entries, it can also be used to rescue and retrieve up to two workers at a time.

Pole Hoist System

Pole hoist systems have a unique swivel head that rotates 360° degrees and is designed to attach on a universal bracket to a suitable anchor point through the use of a carabiner. This allows these apparatuses to provide flexibility in both vertical and horizontal confined space entries.



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