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DBI-SALA® Horizontal Lifeline System


Consisting of energy absorbers, end anchors, travellers, and intermediate cable supports, Horizontal Lifeline Systems are the ideal horizontal cable fall protection system for overhead applications, floor applications, and wall applications.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems can be used in both floor and wall applications as long as they are fitted to brickwork, concrete, or steel beams. This type of fall protection system is also suitable for construction projects on older roofs when used in tandem with fabricated anchor posts.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems are often used in overhead transport and industrial support applications, including working on top of trucks, aircrafts, and trains, as well as working at heights in loading bays and on crane walkways. Thanks to this system’s ability to support self-retracting lifelines and up to 33.1lb-controlled rate descent devices, horizontal lifeline systems allow up to a 100ft span for multiple users and up to a 200ft span for a single worker.

Due to its robust cloud-based software that allows you to access project data from a desktop or mobile device, Horizontal Lifeline Systems make it easy to accurately calculate fall distances and to provide full technical reports to clients. Ideal for use on refurbishments, modern building projects, and industrial safety applications, Horizontal Lifeline Systems make working across a variety of applications, industries, geographies, and orientations, simpler, safer, and much more efficient for everyone working on the jobsite.

System Components

Horizontal Lifeline Systems can incorporate a range of different system components, such as:

  • Cables
  • Corners
  • End anchors
  • Energy absorbers
  • Intermediate brackets
  • Joiners
  • Terminations
  • Tensioning tools
  • Travellers



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