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Uniline® UniRail™ Horizontal Rail System


Specifically designed to help solve issues related to workers falling and getting injured when working at heights, UniRail™ Horizontal Rail Systems aim to provide optimal fall protection with a free-flowing attachment carriage and bracket-free design. This allows workers to have completely hands-free functionality, while also easily navigating around corners and building contours. Thanks to its unique design in which the main rail floats in its fixings, the UniRail™ Horizontal Rail System minimizes the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, preventing the rail from buckling. The UniRail™ Horizontal Rail System's fixing centres also work to reduce structural loads, while working to improve the adaptability of weaker structures.

UniRail™ Horizontal Rail Systems are constructed from stainless-steel components for added durability in harsh environments, greater longevity, and minimized maintenance and replacement costs. In order to offer better support to multiple workers for both fall restraint and fall arrest applications, this type of fall protection is designed to provide a span of up to 3m and can be fitted to a wide range of different structures.

All UniRail™ Horizontal Rail Systems are compliant with AS/NZS, OSHA, and EN795 standards and are specifically designed to help workers complete their best possible work as safely as possible and with a high level of confidence.

Structure Fitting

UniRail™ Horizontal Rail Systems can be fitted to a wide variety of different structures, including:

  • Brickwork
  • Concrete
  • Fascia with a substructure
  • Fibre glass with a steel subframe
  • Steel angle
  • Steel box section



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