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John Van Muyen started I&J Metal as a means to provide for his family during a challenging economic period. John had always held the desire to start his own metal fabrication shop, although he was always too busy with work and odd-jobs to see it through. Eventually the economy impacted the amount of work available and John was laid off during a time when nobody was hiring. Unknown to John at the time, this was the start of something great.

John finally made the decision to go all-in on himself and his business. He came home one night and said to his wife, “that’s it, I&J Metal is happening!” Soon after, he began taking on every fabrication job available to him at the time. In order to grow and handle larger projects, he was eventually forced to bring on other employees. This is where John began to realize how important it was to him to build a business that provided reliable employment opportunities for workers. This was the foundation and value system that John began to grow his business on.

Custom Metal Fabrication Shop

As the company expanded, it quickly began to serve beyond Abbotsford and the Fraser River Valley, spreading all throughout Western Canada. I&J Metal also began to diversify its services, priding itself on the ability to handle any type of work. Soon after, new workers were brought on, new pieces of fabrication equipment were added to the shop and the shop was expanded with new buildings to accommodate for growth.

Today I&J Metal is a full-service custom fabrication shop that manufactures equipment for various industries including construction, agriculture and food. It employs anywhere between 15-17 employees at any time, all of which are Red Seal certified tradesmen or apprentices. As I&J Metal continues to grow, it remains true to its value system, placing honesty, integrity and complete customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. To this day, John believes firmly in the importance of supporting the local community through quality projects and reliable employment opportunities.


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