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Our Facilities

I&J Metal is proud to introduce our brand-new facilities that is over 16,000sq.ft. This includes a 13,100 sq. ft full-service custom fabrication shop that is specifically designed for processing steel and aluminum for a range of different industries, including construction, agriculture, transportation, and general/heavy fabrication. Our brand-new facilities also include a 3,230 sq. ft office space that support our services of drafting/detailing, and sales/estimating in structural steel, custom fabrication, fall protection equipment and more. Our new facilities will allow us to continue to grow as a business, while still being able to provide our customers with the same quality, comprehensive services that they have come to rely on.

Project Timeline

When John first started I&J Metal in 1990 as a one-man business he did not expect that it would lead to the abundant blessings it has today! I&J Metal’s first full-service custom fabrication shop originally started as an old barn on John’s residential property in 1993. As I&J Metal Fabrications continued to grow, we anticipated to increase our shop and office facility. In November 2017, we first broke ground for preload to build a new facility. Patiently waiting for the next process, the foundations were started in April 2019. The concrete walls were poured, and the tilt-up construction was completed in December 2019. The project began to move quickly, and decking, and trusses were installed in late summer of 2019. New and old fabrication and machinery equipment began to be transferred to the new facility, and by November 2020 we were able to move into our new fully serviced building! Today, our new facility is just over 16,000sq.ft. and the shop, field, and office consist of more than 15 committed, full time employees. As business continues to expand and grow, we are already planning for a future addition to the building which will provide a additional 11,000 sq. ft shop expansion. Continuing to expand our facilities in the future will allow us to grow as a company, while also ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Shop Capacity

Our new 13,100 sq. ft fabrication shop features a variety of different equipment, resources and spaces that are designed for optimal efficiencies. Our new shop space and equipment allows us to effortlessly handle larger, and heavier components. Some of the features contained within our brand-new shop include but are not limited to:

  • Two crane bays each containing two 5-ton overhead cranes
  • 185-ton Break Press
  • 10 ft x 1/2" Plate Shear
  • 8ft x 12ft Plasma Table
  • 5ft x 3/8” Plate Rolls

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